Staffing challenges? Need to hire now?

Not a single industry has been left unscathed by the current worker and labor shortage crisis – and it’s not getting better. Target still needs to hire 100,000, Macy’s is looking for 76,000 new associates, CVS wants to add 25,000 to its staff, and Amazon needs more than 150,000 additional workers before the holidays.

Even with offers of higher wages, flexible hours and more benefits, 721,000 workers left their jobs last month. What can you do?

We know the challenges you’re facing with inventory, supply chains and especially worker shortages. Fortunately, we have solutions! Our wide assortment of sophisticated print and digital Recruitment tools includes premium products for Passive Job Seekers. These tools are affordable, flexible, effective and require very little lead time.

Let’s get your team back to full strength so you can maximize your sales and profits this holiday season. Our experts are waiting for your call.

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